PlanetStream Video Production Directory

video production directoryPlanetStream is a leading provider of video hosting services. It caters for live and pre-recorded video and audio content which it delivers to just about any device on the market, including both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Of course it doesn’t produce videos but it does provide its services to those who do.

That has led to PlanetStream creating and promoting a directory of video production companies right at the heart of its website. It costs the video producers nothing to enter their details and they even get some free space on PlanetStream’s global video platform to show off their work to interested parties.

So why do PlanetStream go to so much trouble to publicise a service they don’t offer themselves?

Firstly many of the video production companies listed are already customers and the more business they get the more services they will consume. Secondly, although there is no compulsion on the producers to use PlanetStream services, the free publicity is a good reason why the producer might give it a try. Thirdly many visitors to the website are looking for video production partners rather than just a hosting platform so why not give them what they want.

The directory is easy to use and features both a listing view and a map view:

listings view

Video Production Directory – Listings View

There’s a very simple form to sign up for the directory and details will be added promptly. Once the account is set up it’s simple enough to sign in and amend details whenever you want. You get to include a profile of your business, full contact details and a link to your website.

There’s a nice feature where you can make your site more prominent in the listings by increasing the amount of detail included in your listing. So you get rewarded for making the effort to make your entry as good as it can be. Check it out here.

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