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ChangeDetection : Watch for Changes in Competitor Pages

ChangeDetection – What is it? ChangeDetection is a free web service that enables you to receive email alerts if any text changes on a specific web page. How does ChangeDetection work? Once you have set up your free account it’s easy to start adding pages to monitor. Just add the url in question and select a couple of […]

Disaster Recovery – Best Avoided

BTI specialise in computer and server room monitoring systems. Their systems monitor temperature, pressure, water ingress, power, just about anything that can make your computers fail. If they spot anything averse then they will automatically notify whoever needs to know via email or SMS text message. So not so much disaster recovery as disaster avoidance! […]

Finding Duplicate Content

Most of us are well aware that some unscrupulous website owners are not averse to stealing content off your site and sticking it on theirs. This is not only a rip off of the hard work you put into producing your content but it could potentially damage your search engine rankings through the issue of […]