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The New dotUK Domain

There is an important new UK domain name type available – the dotuk (.uk) domain. We are all probably familiar with the existing UK domains – .co.uk, .org.uk, .net.uk, .me.uk and quite a few others. But the new kid on the block is shorter and snappier than them all. So if you already have myname.co.uk […]

Personalised Email Addresses

Personalised email addresses are not just for Christmas, they’re for life! Change your job, change your ISP but always keep the same email address! No longer need you be known as fredsmith194b@virgin.net or sexybeast@yahoo.co.uk or coolboy@hotmail.com. Or worse still lock yourself into AOL or some other inferior and expensive service through being stuck with jim_smith1951@aol.com […]

Domain Names Are Important

We all know you can get a domain name for anything from about £5 per annum upwards but despite this many businesses and individuals limp along with wholly inadequate names. I see quite large companies who have a website of www.theirdomain.com but insist on using theirdomain@aol.com as their corporate email address. Or senior consultants with […]