The New dotUK Domain

dotuk domain typeThere is an important new UK domain name type available – the dotuk (.uk) domain.

We are all probably familiar with the existing UK domains –,,, and quite a few others. But the new kid on the block is shorter and snappier than them all. So if you already have you can now get

Why would I want a dotuk domain name?

  • It’s shorter, snappier, more memorable than one of the longer domains
  • It clearly identifies the UK as your base and/or target market
  • It’s available! Millions of the old domain types have been registered so choice is massively limited. As the dotuk is new there are many more choices
  • If you are already using a or other domain type you won’t want a competitor, or anyone else for that matter, buying this variant of your name

Who can register a dotuk domain?

  • Pretty much anyone – although you must have a UK service address, and not a PO box.
  • If you already have a domain or, indeed, register a new one before 31st October 2014, the dotuk variant will be reserved for you for up to 5 years.

How do I register my dotuk domain now?

If you already have an account with NetSecrets go here and login and use the domain search tool to find the domain you want and register it.

If you are new to NetSecrets go here and create an account. It’s free, easy and totally secure. then go ahead and register your dotuk domain name.

In either case, if you need any help, click the “Chat” button at the bottom of the page and we’ll walk you through the process and answer any more questions you might have.

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