ChangeDetection : Watch for Changes in Competitor Pages


ChangeDetection – What is it?

ChangeDetection is a free web service that enables you to receive email alerts if any text changes on a specific web page.

How does ChangeDetection work?

Once you have set up your free account it’s easy to start adding pages to monitor. Just add the url in question and select a couple of options, such as whether you want to know of all changes or just significant ones. And that’s it!

Why would you want this information?

  • Monitor your own pages: if something changes on one of your pages that you don’t expect it can indicate some kind of penetration of your security system. And the sooner you know about it the better.
  • Monitor competitors’ web sites: see if prices change, products are added, blog posts published, etc. Keep up to date on threats to your competitive position.

Is ChangeDetection any good?

Yes it is if you use it to its best capability. I started off by monitoring far too many pages and ended up with so many alerts that I just ignored the bulk of them. You need to really think through what you want to know and why. Then set up the monitoring as tightly as possible to avoid false alerts.

It’s not life changing and it looks its age but it works and is handy when you need that kind of thing.

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