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Robots.txt for WordPress sites

Setting Up robots.txt for WordPress Sites 1.      Why Use a robots.txt The main use of a robots.txt file is to request that search engines desist from indexing a specified part of a website. This might be because the content is confidential but more likely it is to prevent a search engine wasting time indexing content […]

Setting Up New WordPress Site

As someone who is regularly involved in setting up new WordPress sites I thought I could share some of the standards I work to. these won’t suit everyone but might help somewhat, I hope so anyway. 1.      Discourage Search Engines It is important to prevent search engines indexing the newly created site before its structure, […]

PlanetStream Blog Restructuring

The PlanetStream blog was set up some years ago when we were much less clear on what a blog should do, and especially how it should be structured. Well, we are planning to release a brand new, super-duper PlanetStream website early in 2013 and so I’m just doing some (slightly overdue) work on various aspects […]

Web 2.0 – The Economics

The analysis of the economic implications of “Web 2.0” applications and loosely-associated technologies such as wikis, blogs, social-networking, open-source, open-content, file-sharing, peer-production, etc. has also gained scientific attention. This area of research investigates the implications Web 2.0 has for an economy and the principles underlying the economy of Web 2.0.   Cass Sunstein’s book “Infotopia” […]

Web 2.0 – The Technology

The sometimes complex and continually evolving technology infastructure of Web 2.0 includes server-software, content-syndication, messaging protocols, standards orientated browsers with plugins and extensions, and various client-applications.   The differing yet complimentary approaches of such elements provide Web 2.0 sites with information storage, creatin and dissemination challenges and capabilities that go beyond what the public formally […]

Web 2.0: An Introduction

 No doubt in recent times you have been hearing a lot about Web 2.0, but find yourself asking “What does it mean, and how does this effect me?”. At NetSecrets we often find ourselves answering such questions so over the coming months we will be taking you through Web 2.0 and explaining how the various […]

File & Folder Naming Conventions

Most people now know that successful rankings in search engines are achieved not by some panacea, some trick that makes the difference, but by an accumulation of small issues. No single action on its own makes much difference although title tags and heading tags still have a bit more of an effect than anything else. […]