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ChangeDetection : Watch for Changes in Competitor Pages

ChangeDetection – What is it? ChangeDetection is a free web service that enables you to receive email alerts if any text changes on a specific web page. How does ChangeDetection work? Once you have set up your free account it’s easy to start adding pages to monitor. Just add the url in question and select a couple of […]

WordPress Categories

WordPress Categories are generally considered of minor use in organising content but not valued at all in terms of SEO. I’m not sure that has to be the case and would value any feedback on the following hypothesis. A WordPress Category is an archive of existing posts but organised by topic rather than date. It […]

Personalised Email Addresses

Personalised email addresses are not just for Christmas, they’re for life! Change your job, change your ISP but always keep the same email address! No longer need you be known as or or Or worse still lock yourself into AOL or some other inferior and expensive service through being stuck with […]

Corporate Blogs – Managed Blogging For SME’s

Big business is making great use now of Web 2.0 in general and blogging in particular to serve several purposes. These include building brand image and awareness; getting news stories “out there” quickly and boosting traffic to their main websites. SME’s see the benefit but find it difficult to put in the time required to […]

Using Keywords In Your Domain Name

I often get people saying to me that they have a domain name containing their primary keyword so “… that means I’ll be at the top of Google for that keyword, doesn’t it?” How wrong can you be? If you have a really good website, that is properly optimised, with great incoming links AND in […]

Landing Pages For Google Adwords

You know the one about the plumber with the leaky tap or the mechanic whose car keeps breaking down. Well there’s another story about the SEO specialist who gives everything he can to his clients’ sites and neglects his own. For some time now I’ve been getting great results for other people by building specific […]

File & Folder Naming Conventions

Most people now know that successful rankings in search engines are achieved not by some panacea, some trick that makes the difference, but by an accumulation of small issues. No single action on its own makes much difference although title tags and heading tags still have a bit more of an effect than anything else. […]