3 WordPress Plugins You Might Not Be Aware Of

wordpress pluginsWhen it comes to building sites in WordPress we all have our favourite plugins. In some cases there’s not a lot to choose from. For speeding up performance it’s really a choice between W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache; for SEO there’s Yoast SEO or … erm Yoast SEO!

But whereas caching and SEO are critical functions that merit deep research and constant re-evaluation there are other WordPress plugins that are just kind of handy and/or solve  specific issues. Here are three relatively low key WordPress plugins that make life easier and have never caused a problem in several years of use:

Broken Link Checker

Easy to set up, trundles away quietly in the background and warns of any broken links. Gives you a list of bad links and simple yet flexible ways to fix them there and then, change the url, dismiss the message, remove the url.

MCE Table Buttons

Adds a third line to the page editor with functions to create, modify or delete tables and table elements. I know tables are a bit old hat but there are times when it’s handy to use them and this light weight WP plugin makes it easy.

Ultimate Nofollow

When you don’t want to pass link juice on to another site – Wikipedia and Google don’t need it anyway – you can use this little tool to make your link “Nofollow”. Obviously it’s easy enough to do that in the html view but this quicker. Just adds a tick box below “Open link in new window?tab” inside the Insert Link Editor.

I’m not saying any of these will transform your life, make you more attractive to the opposite sex or bring money, fame and celebrity. But they might save a bit of time, make it less likely you mess up or even add a touch of polish.

If you have some favourite WordPress plugins let us know by adding a comment.

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